A fitness retreat unique to any other, held in luxury properties in some of the world’s most exclusive locations, RESET RETREATS is specifically designed for people who are passionate about their fitness and nutrition and for those eager to begin the journey to a healthier mind and body. We provide a high quality and fully personalised approach to health retreats by combining 4 key elements.
Strength & Conditioning: 
A dynamic program tailored specifically to each individual, designed by London’s finest strength coaches. Each day of RESET RETREATS incorporates both one-on-one and group conditioning sessions.
You can’t out-train a bad diet, and the cornerstone of high performance is good nutrition. RESET RETREATS have an onsite private chef who prepares nutrient dense meals, incorporating the right balance of healthy fats & proteins and using only the freshest produce. 
Morning yoga and evening meditation is programmed on each day within a tranquil part of the villa, clearing the mind and re-focusing your intentions.
Mind Performance Coach: 
Every day an hour will be spent working with our performance coach working on goal setting, gratitude and mind set. This will help our guests to achieve maximum performance while at RESET RETREATS.