Reset retreats was born out of the desire for a different type of holiday. 
We like to travel, we enjoy good food and we always stay in nice places. We started to find what we looked for when we went away started to change. Is there a gym? Somewhere nice for a morning run? What activities are there close by? 
A bit of research uncovered similar views. “Usually when I come back from holiday I need another holiday” was a comment we often heard. 
When we started to look in detail, the retreats on offer always fell short: too specific, too far away, too strict, not luxurious enough. We’ve created a retreat with no compromises, combining all the essential elements: luxury location, amazing food, one to one strength & conditioning training, and yoga & meditation, as well as nutrition and coaching advice to look after body and mind.
While we can’t change your body in a week, we can guarantee that you’ll return feeling phenomenal; refocused, re-energised, and equipped with the mindset and knowledge to continue your journey.
Often a holiday is a time to let go and overindulge. RESET RETREATS are for when you need to take time for yourself, reset yourself, and set a self-care habit that makes you feel good.
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